At the start of a new DaST adventure in Alentejo

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An eco-tourism experience totally immersed in sustainability issues

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Welcome to "AlemTejo"

An eco-tourism & sustainable problem-solving environment, for private-hire experiences

"Can’t we imagine a different growth pattern through education, culture, and well being, shared creativity, innovation and wealth for everyone without having to pay for it by an increase of entropy"

C.L. Strauss

“S’il devait y avoir réellement une ère “après l’histoire”, celle-ci commencerait nécessairement dès que la Terre abandonnerait son mode d’être historique de décor et de matière première et qu’elle apparaitrait comme contenu du souci humain.”

Peter Sloterdijk, La Mobilisation Infinie, vers une critique de la cinétique politique.

Our  wealth today  is mainly calculated through the  GNP/GDP but as  these indexes do not integrate the physical and human parameters, there will be no long term sustainable life opened to the world community.Our wealth has grown until now at the expense of the world biodiversity   and by loitering its non renewable ressources

Professor Jose J Delgado Domingos, IST, Lisbon.

“Sustainable life on Earth has to be looked at from a global and integrated perspective or it will be doomed to fall into the contradictions among the excessive specializations. The conceptual structure that thermodynamics grants when applied to Earth as a thermodynamic system, to the living being as a conserver of energy and to the social and economic activities are a domain that can also be examined in terms of energy and information fluxes, where the fundamental physical principles are valid and applicable, open up a whole new world of possibilities. The Western world  scientific, engineering and political community has underestimated this concept of an integrated vision which, in fact, is the source for leadership and progress, finding justifications that discard too easily the specific aspirations that others may have envisioned.”
“If a company that overspends its capital goes bankrupt, what will the consequences be for a society that « while grossly overspending also completely dilapidates its natural resources »?”

«The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil, but because of the millions who do nothing»

A. Einstein

"Il fut un temps ,ou quand on courait au plus pressé, ce plus pressé était la beauté. On exigea le péristyle avant le bloc sanitaire, et précisément pour hygiène de l ‘ame"

Jean Giono

Towards a New Frontier in Alentejo with DaSt

Working within:
A conceptual framework  where
• There is a limitation of both global and local carrying capacities for human settlement;
• There is no more economic growth in its usual accepted meaning except on margins;
• Social harmony cannot be delivered without full participation of all citizens
• We entered a world of knowledge which is far to be shared by everyone and where traditional knowledge which sustained our living needs until 1950 are disappearing

• The perception of time and it s use, labor cost and regulations, taxes a.s.o are different from country to country, from activities to activities. while we are almost freely interconnected

The program is to be focused on enabling citizens to become the actors of their own history and players in the history of their own place, region and world;
• The program is a learning experience about concepts and today tools in use , growth, governance,  taxes, property, economical and financial indexes, algorithms, social welfare, education, value, wealth
• The program is a controlled experiment on production, distribution, maintenance and control processes, legal frameworks and economic indicators, financial rules
• The Alem tejo ecoturism little project aims at being understandable and  teachable to everyone,  a replicable model on how to create a strong social fabric and create sustainability on the long term , using a mix of high-end research and traditional techniques.

• Learning how to manage things instead of people, but;
• Liberating the collective and individual energies and creativity;
• Creating capital value by integrating all renewable resources in a new accounting format.
• Decreasing the high level of entropy of the today’s state of affairs;
• Creating conditions by which self-interest can produce common goods.
• Driving all the City’s actors to self sustainability while keeping the City opened to the world, as were the Cities of the Renaissance

“The end of a world does not mean the end of the world”

Michel Maffesoli

In a few words

Through this model of collective projects of environmental restoration, one’s self can also be restored, as one becomes vital, as part of something more, as part of something generational and not only consumptive.

We do not live apart from nature, we cannot be blind to our connectedness with her. 
And we cannot leave millions of people out of their own life, choice of culture, independance
So let’s start a new Age of Discoveries.  But, this time, let the discoveries be not beyond our borders but local, and interconnected with the world.
Concentrating on what we have here now and expanding on that with creativity.  
Opportunities for improved agriculture, for increased energy generation, for less competition and more community, for better health, for more happiness, for more beauty in life.

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